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1.      Why pay to volunteer?

Many people do not understand why they have to pay to volunteer when they have already given up their time and skills to help poor people in developing countries. In fact you must be aware that you are not “paying to volunteer”. The program fees you pay are used directly to pay for expenses associated with your stay such as food accommodation, transportation, orientation and also local guides and support staff. Vietnam Federation of UNESCO Associations is a non-governmental organization and we do not have any budget or financing to cover volunteer costs, so that the registration fee and program fee of volunteers will cover all costs of their travels and our costs including marketing, insurance, staff salaries and administration.

2.      Why are the UVVO fees so much more affordable than other volunteering organizations?

Unlike other organizations must link to local organizations or local partners in Vietnam to schedule a volunteer program, we are UNESCO Vietnam who have a long time working on projects which help raise people’s awareness, the country’s development, strengthening friendship and cooperation between people and nations to protect peace and security in the world, we understand clearly our programs then can reduce unnecessary costs. Therefore we keep the fees as low as we can to ensure that the program we offer is not only available to many people from over the world but also having the quality as well as possible. 

3.      How do I volunteer with VFUA?

Click hereto see the booking process for UVVO or simply click the “Apply Now” button and submit your application. We’ll contact you within 48 hours to let you know if your application has been successful and to give instructions on paying the registration fee and preparing your travel.

4.      Can I come volunteering with a friend/partner or as a group?

Yes, you can. We welcome individuals, couples, family, small and large groups and if you want, we can arrange placements for you to work and live together.  .

5.      I’m under 18, can I volunteer?

We are sorry that we have to say no people under 18 who want to volunteer with us. However if you are coming with a group of over 18s and have someone who is responsible for you then this is fine…

6.      Do I need specific skills or qualifications to volunteer?

Generally we only require volunteers to be fluent in English. However, if you choose the medical and healthcare intern program, you must be qualified or trained in a relevant medical field.

7.      Which countries do volunteers come from?

Volunteers come from all over the world, generally from the developed countries.

8.      Will I be working with other volunteers?

Generally, yes, but this depends on each program, location and time of year.

9.     Are there more expenses when I arrive? Is travel insurance included in the program costs?

You’ll need money to travelling and shopping on days off. Besides, you have to pay for your flights, visa, shots, travel insurance, departure tax. We also offer additional service such as tours to some famous places in Vietnam and Vietnamese courses, if you would like to join it, you have to pay this additional costs.

      10.    When is the best to apply?

We do not have a deadline for applications and registrations but you should apply and register as soon as possible as you have a schedule and you can start volunteering soon.

11.   Do I require visa to Vietnam?

Every situation is different and depends on your nationality, however in the large majority of cases you have to get some type of visa. After we receive your registration fee, we will provide a visa letter and support you to get your visa to Vietnam.

12.   Do I need to be able to speak Vietnamese?

No, you do not. For all programs, the only language you require is English. We also offer some Vietnamese courses as well as extra activities to assist you in your daily life. 

13.   Can I get my own room or do I need to share?

We will do our best to accommodate your preference, however this will depend on the number of volunteers at that time. Please indicate your preference during registration so that we can accommodate you.

14.   Can I sightsee while I participate in UVVO?

Yes. We encourage you to take your free time traveling to different places, experiencing Vietnamese culture and meeting local people. This is a great opportunity for you to enhance your experience in Vietnam. UVVO also offer tour activities to make it easier for you to travel.