About Vietnam

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Welcome all of you to Vietnam, one of the most beautiful countries located in South East Asia, the latest Asian dragon awaking from its slumber! Vietnam boasts a unique shape of an elongated S and a long coastline of 3,444km (2,140 miles) with a lot of wonderful sites.

Although Vietnam lies entirely within the tropics, the Vietnam’s climate surprisingly varies from region to region with the annual average temperature from 70ºF to 86ºF because of its topography. There is a sharp difference in the climate of North and South. In the North, there are four distinct seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. However, there are only two seasons in the South: Dry season and Rainy season.

Vietnam is endowed with a bountiful harvest of soaring mountains, a long coastline and radiant rice fields. If you have chance to visit the countryside of Northern Vietnam, you will be familiar with the images of peasant women in conical hats diligently bending down to the fields, children riding buffalos along country paths and minority people scratching out a living from impossible gradients.

Vietnam is proud to be a nation of beautiful and friendly people. When being asked about Vietnamese people, most foreigners have ever been here say that they are much impressed with the locals, who were brave and heroic in war time, but industrious, friendly and hospitable when in peace.

As the Vietnam life is on the way to thriving in a peaceful but dynamic economy with the growth of plenty of fields, the tourism of Vietnam is also blooming brightly. It is estimated that every year Vietnam welcomes tens of millions of visitors, who have great passion for beautiful country. To meet the rising demands of visitors, hotels and resorts in Vietnam have upgraded with more well-equipped furniture and facilities as well as the professional and friendly staff to ensure you feel at home while here. You will also have great options of fascinating Vietnam tours to join in which bring you true insights into the Vietnam’s glittering & spectacular views, the people’s warmth, and the traditional profound culture and history of Vietnam as well.