About Us

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Vietnam Federation of UNESCO Associations (VFUA) was established on 3rd August 1993 in accordance with the Decision No. 397/Ttg by the Prime Minister of Vietnam, and also a member of World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations (WFUCA).

The grassroots of Vietnam Federation of UNESCO Associations are carried in all sectors of culture, education, science and communication through which to strengthen mutual understanding between nations and to safeguard world peace. VFUA does not only serve the requirement of members but also open for all people around the world to participate. VFUA now embraces nearly 7.000 individual members and about 150.000 participants who regularly join in the activities of VFUA. To the mandate, VFUA has started a volunteer program in Vietnam calling for international volunteer applications from all over the world to come to Vietnam.

Vietnam Federation of UNESCO Association offers a quality, dynamic, safe volunteer program for all international volunteers from 18. You can take part in volunteer activities in the public sector, NGOs, raising community awareness of the environment, as well as the opportunity to experience life and discover Vietnam culture. This is a good opportunity to improve your sense of responsibility for society, the solidarity of Vietnam and young people.

The program focuses on activities in many areas such as education, environment, health and care of disabled children, agriculture, events, media, journalism... The operation aims to improve the lives of local people and enhance solidarity among nations. At the same time, the program will help young people change their outlook on themselves and on the world around.