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UNESCO Vietnam Volunteer Opportunity (UVVO)

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Vietnam Federation of UNESCO Associations offers a highest quality and affordable volunteering opportunity for both Vietnamese and other people worldwide who are interested in the country Vietnam to enhance their academic knowledge and educational experience through practical work as a part of “UNESCO Vietnam Volunteer Opportunities – UVVO”.

This program is consistent with the international volunteers desire to learn about Vietnamese culture and experience life in Vietnam. In the program, volunteers can choose to take part in many volunteer activities such as teaching work, caring work, medical and healthcare work, helping disabled children, agricultural work and orphanage assistance. International volunteers also have opportunities to live and work with friendly local people to explore the beauty of the Vietnamese nature and culture.

With program fees starting from only US$250 for a week, up to six months, including accommodation and meals, you will have a wonderful time in Vietnam that you can never forget.

With Vietnamese volunteers, you have chance to take part in community service activities, work with international volunteers to guide and introduce them about Vietnam as well as get more knowledge about their countries.

UVVO goals

• Make meaningful, exciting and safe international volunteer travel with a reasonable fee.

• Assist local communities and organizations through providing international volunteers.

• Provide unforgettable volunteer experiences to international volunteers by living and working with local people.

• Introduce the beauty of Vietnam to the world, break cultural misunderstandings and promote cross-cultural understandings.